Archiwum lipiec 2008

Autor: kochanka_diakona
17 lipca 2008, 14:50

"She wasn't born anorexic, but nowadays she suffers,
staring at these half-naked stars on magazine covers.
feeling pressured by the public.
She only weighs 90 pounds but still sucks in her stomach.
On the inside she's dieing, lying to herself, thinking:
- 5 more pounds won't jeopardize my health.
One day she might just collapse, she can't avoid it.
Too many sleepless nights spent bent over a toilet.
Spewing vomit, like she was an alcoholic.
Praying to a God she never believed in to stop it.
Hasn't eaten in weeks, drinks water by the heaps.
Now she looks like the skeleton she sees in her closet.(...)

-You smell like perfume. That's NOT mine.
  -Your head's going fucking crazy, Your head is going crazy.
Gotta get outta here and look after myself.
  -What? What's so wrong with me that you can't love me?
  -What is wrong with me? I do everything for you.
I, I, I make myself look good, I go to the gym.
I, I eat like a fucking rabbit.
I don't, I don't know what else to do.
Tell me.

-  Baby, you don't understand because-
 - What it is I have to do to make you love me."

alleluja i do przodu
Autor: kochanka_diakona
15 lipca 2008, 12:58

odbilam sobie serce na prawej rece,

z zewnetrznej strony-wykonujac sklony.

odbilam na niej tez zeby,

słaniając sie jak zwalone dęby.

wewnetrzna potrzeba pustego od srodka drzewa.mialo byc w nim serce,

a przeciez mam je na rece